I just wanted to thank you so much for booking your wedding cake with The Confetti Cakery, each and every cake I make is such fun and knowing that I got to be a small part of your wedding day is such a great honour!

I am constantly striving to perfect the service that I provide clients like yourself, and I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some honest feedback about your whole experience with The Confetti Cakery.

The following survey should take no longer than a few minutes, I would really appreciate your feedback. All comments will remain anonymous and used to improve the service that I provide in future.

Many thanks, Sophie.

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What did you think about the time taken to complete the design process?
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Did The Confetti Cakery respond to your enquiries in a satisfactory and timely manner?
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How did your wedding cake look on your wedding day?
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If you received a design, did you feel your wedding cake fulfilled the design brief?
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Overall how would you rate your experience with The Confetti Cakery?
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