For The Confetti Cakery, the cake obsession began about six years ago. A best friend was emigrating to Australia and asked for a cake for the leaving party. Having not really baked since school, this was going to be a tall order! What ensued was a barrage of cake decorating books, you tube tutorials and googling recipes- unbeknownst to us this was the very beginning of The Confetti Cakery. Undaunted by all the potential pitfalls (or just plain naive!) a three tiered cake was embarked upon. Layers of lemon sponge with lemon curd and lemon buttercream; it went down a treat, it might not have been the prettiest cake but the sentiment itself was the most important thing.

Fast forward to 2015 and it is has been an epic and awesome year of business for us. We've had a lot of firsts; first photo shoot, first wedding show, first website and the list continues. You know what? We've loved every minute of it, it's been hard work but its paid off because you're here taking the time to read this. That's what it's all about for us, yes we love to make pretty cakes, but what's the point if you have no-one to share them with?

We've been incredibly lucky to meet some very lovely people on our journey, when we started out we were a bit intimidated by the prospect of the Bridal industry. We felt like the new kid at school wearing fake two stripes, when all the cool kids were wearing Adidas (those were the days!). Really, we couldn't have been more wrong about that, sure there is competition but there are so many helping hands offered- and for that we're truly thankful!

So what will 2016 bring? Gosh, I wish I had a crystal ball! However, we're putting in the hard work now to ensure that 2016 will be just as successful and hopefully even more so than this year. We've already got five wedding shows booked in across the East Midlands, so why don't you come and meet us? We hope to be spending more time at the gorgeous Stubton Hall where we are now recommended suppliers. Also we've got lots of wedding cake and favour bookings that we just can't wait to make and show you! 

So thank you 2015 for being such an amazing year! Thank you to all our wonderful clients, thank you to all the people who have supported us sharing our pictures, spreading the word and for generally giving us a warm and rosy glow! You are the reason we do this, and without you we wouldn't be here. So we hope you join us in 2016 for the rest of the journey, and let's see what the year brings!

All my heartfelt love and gratitude,

Soph xxx

A few very special thank you's...

·         Mum- Thank you for your patience and always listening (even when I'm droning on).

·         Jim - Thanks for putting up with the madness (cake and otherwise).

·         Sarah - For always being supportive and positive, and a good giggle.

·         Gemma- For starting me out on this path. Who would have known that by leaving you would have sown the seeds of something very special.

·         Studio90two - For being so creative, thoughtful and brilliant. The Confetti Cakery would not be half as good with out you.

·         Unveiled by Leanne - For always offering to help, for always smiling and your unwavering support.

·         Harvey & Harvey Photography - For being a sounding board, for easing anxiety and most of all for being a fantastic friend.

·         Sarah Ellen Bailey - For your patience on our first photo shoot, and for the absolutely beautiful results (see above).

·         Save The Date Event Hire & Styling - For giving us the wonderful opportunity to work with you, and for being so lovely.

·         Glen-Esk Flowers and Interiors - For your beautiful flowers, all your advice and help.

·         Stubton Hall - For giving me the most amazing opportunity, and putting a massive smile on my face!

·         The Blogcademy - For giving me the confidence to re-brand, and for making me believe you don't have to fit in to get ahead!