Sugar paste iced cakes are the most versatile style of wedding cake as there are so many different techniques that can made with it. Delicate ruffles, or bold blocks of colour, watercolour painting, abstract decoration or marbling - limitless options!


All of my designs are bespoke and original, I work with couples to find out their ideas behind their wedding inspiration, use their colours, match flowers and many other ways to ensure that the wedding cake blends in seamlessly with everything else.

My style would best be described as contemporary and a little less is more, as you will see all the individual cake tiers are tall which gives a really modern and striking look. Alternatively, introducing tiers of differing heights is a really effective way of creating a unique silhouette.

I will never replicate another cake artist’s work, over time I have developed my own signature style so even I did copy another cake design, it would still end up looking quite different! I really take pride in creating original wedding cake designs, there are so many different ways to make a wedding cake and the only limit is imagination!

Not a big fan of sugar paste icing?! Well I’ve got good news for you, I roll it out until it’s really thin (around 5mm) so you won’t get a huge mouthful of it. Also, when the venue cut the cake to serve it the majority of slices will only have a layer of icing on the top of the slice as they cut slices in squares rather than wedges.