Beautiful and tall with four layers of delicious sponger in each tier, covered sparingly with buttercream and smoothed back to create a contemporary rustic effect. Add as much or as little as you want of fresh flowers, macarons, mini-meringues, chocolate drips or shimmering metallic drips.

Please note that due to their delicate nature, semi-naked cakes are not suitable to be transported for long journeys. The buttercream doesn’t take long to soften during a car journey especially in the warmer months which can cause problems, so I won’t travel further than an hour or so with them from my base in Lincolnshire.

If you are having your wedding reception in a marquee or tipi in the Summer months the temperature can be much higher than that of a building or air-conditioned room, so semi-naked cakes may not be suitable for this style of wedding.


2019 prices begin at £360 for a three tiered cake to serve 100 portions. Decoration including drips, macarons etc is in addition to this price. All semi-naked cake bookings require that a sweet table must be ordered as well.

If you would like the 2019 price guide, get in touch here to request a copy.

Jo Greenfield Photography at Irnham Hall


If you’re torn between the idea of a semi-naked cake or a sugar paste iced cake, then I’ve got just the thing for you! Mix it up with some semi-naked tiers and an iced tier too, perfect for if you can’t decide between you! Starting at £385 for a three-tiered 100 portion cake, 2019 prices.